When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. (T. Jefferson)

Our firm has a long standing experience in civil and commercial law, banking and bankruptcy law and civil litigation. Since 1998 we focused particularly on international aspects especially helping foreign clients wishing to establish their business or residency in Italy, Germany or Spain. We can provide full consultancy and service for the following issues: 

  •                     Formation of companies;
  •                     Opening of bank accounts; 
  •                     Administrative authorizations;
  •                     Public tender law;
  •                     Applying for Italian citizenship;
  •                     Buying and selling real estate;
  •                     Lease contracts;
  •                     Testaments and inheritances;
  •                     International family law;
  •                     International Tax Law;
  •                     Local tax law.

We believe in networking rather than in big firms. That’s why we built a vast net of relationships and can provide our clients with professional assistance in every legal and commercial aspect that is not directly handled by our firm such as tax accountancy, criminal law, intellectual property, labor law. The direct and personal relationship with our clients is a very important feature of our firm. We believe in building trust and providing individual service focused on the needs of our clients.